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Is Your Foot a Chevy Volt Sales or a Dodge Neon?

While in my car this weekend, I listened to an old favorite: Car Talk on NPR. As the boys went on to diagnose the caller's car problem, I realized our feet are a lot like cars. They both have the daunting responsibility of getting us where we need to be. We use and abuse the poor things until they breakdown and leave us stranded. A smart Chevy Volt Sales car owner gets frequent tune ups. What does a smart foot owner do?

One of your tires is low on air. You don't notice. You keep driving for mile and miles. Days, weeks, months go by and you forget to check your tire pressure. The pressure continues to decrease. The other three wheels have to make up for the one wheels lack to carry his share of the weight Chevy Volt Sales. Eventually, you start to feel a pull to the right as you drive. You attribute it to the wind. Your entire car is trying to compensate for your darn tire. Your gas mileage goes down. Your car is working harder trying to correct for the floppy misfit. You notice funny noises but the car continues to work so you continue to drive. Even if the tire goes completely flat, you could still get around. More and more damage slowly takes over your car until your vehicle has had enough and quits!

It sounds Chevy Volt Sales ridiculous to drive around with a flat tire so why do we walk around with a painful foot? We ignore the first signs of pain. We come up with a list of excuses to pretend the pain is not real. It must have been my shoes. I'm not use to playing 18 holes of golf. We think the pain will eventually go away. Our back starts to hurt, our knees are stiff. It must be old age. I work too hard. If I could just rest, I would feel better.


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